Software for Transporter and Van Rental

Our rental system rentingforce offers a first-class rental solution for truck fleet owners and managers around the world.

rentingforce has been designed as modern software, which in hindsight was not ported to the internet, but has been designed from the beginning as part of this. Thus, we are able to deliver updates faster than our competitors and, thus, are better able to respond to urgent needs.


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Easy administration of multiple international bases

Newcomer or renting business expert, the transport business only works on an international scale, especially in Europe. It is very common in this sector to maintain many wide-spread renting stations, still this fact makes high demands on the renting software behind.

rentingforce is completely configured for the administration of many international facilities and is fully scalable. No matter if you have to administrate 100 or 5,000 bases, rentingforce is growing as you are. And you don't have to take care about that at all.

Individual object properties for single objects and object groups

Every customer has individual wishes and the devil is always in the details. Maybe you sometimes want to save atypical properties for an object. Using rentingforce, you don't need any annoying commentary fields or separate documents for that, although those features are supported as well.

Just give your custom object attribute a name (like “hydraulic lifting platform”) and assign a value type to it (like “yes/no”). This property can now be allocated to a single object or to an object group (eg. to all Mercedes-Benz Atego trucks).

Intelligent damage management

Ban out annoying chit mess or individual workflow for every damage cases and use the flexible damage management tool in rentingforce. A damage is clearly attached to one rental transaction and therefore to a defined customer.

You can define individual damage categories and describe the damage with images and words and you can keep track of the status of the damage case the whole time.