Software for Machine Rental

Our rental system rentingforce offers a first-class rental solution for machinery owners and managers around the world.

rentingforce has been designed as modern software, which in hindsight was not ported to the internet, but has been designed from the beginning as part of this. Thus, we are able to deliver updates faster than our competitors and, thus, are better able to respond to urgent needs.


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Reservation Management

We attach great importance to ensuring that our software covers the entire business operations of our customers with all of its processes. Thus, we can often save chores such as synchronizing data tribes.

Manage straightforward reservations and bookings on your own machines.

  • Complicated types of booking with extras, custom rebates, etc. possible
  • Drag and drop occupancy
  • User management with different privileges

Flexible renting with user-defined object categories and pricing classes

As a machinery owner, react to quickly changing customer wishes and to seasonal fluctuation of demand by creating dynamic, season-dependend price ranges for categories or single objects. You need special prices for renting harvesters without tags from June to August, single objects excluded?

No Problem with rentingforce! The standard version of rentingforce already offers highly flexible solutions for object management and can be customized to fit any special wishes you can come up with.

Get into an emergent market with the support of rentingforce

Business machines and construction machines or diggers are already rented in large amounts for several years. For some devices, up to 90% of their usage is managed by rental agreements. Even though renting agricultural machines doesn't appear to be as popular in the EU especially, an upswing becomes apparent.

There are still some machine producers that refuse to sell their machines to lessors, but others already sell up to 20% of their tractors and 25% of their crawlers to renting companies, increasing tendency. So get into that market now and let our first-class renting software support you as you wish!

Customize your object properties for any special application

Highly customizable object properties allow you to manage any kind of object attributes such as fueling, special needs for transportation and so on.

For an easy start, we already supply you with a standard set of attributes typically used in your business, but rentingforce allows you to easily customize the whole optional setups through changing or adding/deleting every parameter. If you want to use advanced filtering options on custom parameters, we can provide you with plugins that can do that.