Software for Car Rental

With our tool, you can hire your fleet conveniently online and manage from anywhere. Moreover, your customers can book directly online - without any additional fees.

rentingforce has been designed as modern software, which in hindsight was not ported to the internet, but has been designed from the beginning as part of this. Thus, we are able to deliver updates faster than our competitors and, thus, are better able to respond to urgent needs.


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Fleet Management

We attach great importance to ensuring that our software covers the entire business operations of our customers with all of its processes. Thus, we can often save chores such as synchronizing data tribes.

If you have multiple bases or establishments in different regions and countries, you can map this perfectly with our system. Transfers and one-way bookings are possible as well as different settings of the various bases and establishments - from the charter contract to the tax data.

Features of our car rental software:

  • Fleet Management with any master data
  • Any number of sites in all regions of the world possible (even with different time zones)
  • Smart price catalogs with selectable vehicle categories, seasons, multistage discounts, extras and different payment methods
  • Proven booking management with our web 2.0 occupancy
  • Own tax rates
  • Fully integrated file management system
  • Commission accounting for agencies with freely selectable terms
  • Any number of payment options

Advantages at a Glance

Through our modern SaaS solution you can save investment and maintenance costs. Thanks to our software from the cloud you are always up-to-date Compare for yourself!

  • Take care of your daily business, rather than dealing with database migrations, software updates, and file formats.
  • If your business grows, so does your software.
  • Access is only via encrypted connection possible
  • Full integration of internationalization (Multilingual, any currency or time zone, localization)