A Little Tour through Our Software

Learn how we can help you to make rental management easier.

Our features

Powerful Calendar

See all your bookings, reservations and requests in our beautiful calendar.


Easy drag and drop your bookings to optimize your utilization.

Easy Creation

New bookings and blockings can be directly drawn into the calendar.

Automatic Customer Communication

Send mails and reminders with attachments.

Manage Payments

Keep track of debt claims, due dates and clearings.

Automate Your Workflow

Move leads through the pipeline steps and optimize your conversion rate.

Create Documents

You can automatically generate all kinds of documents and save a huge amount of time.

Tables and more

Use the data of your bookings directly inside the templates to generate invoices or contracts.

Expressions and Formulas

You can even use complex formulas to manipulate and display data.

Analyze Customer Values

Instantly see turnover analysis charts on the dashboard.

Track Bookings & Reservations

Analyze all bookings, reservations and cancellations of a customer.

Activities, Mails and Changes

Track everything that is related to a customer and get it on first sight.

Beautiful online booking & request

Significantly increase your conversion rate.

Integrate into your website

Use our integration center and simply insert the snippets.

Designed for mobile

Your customers can now book your objects wherever they are.

Charts and Reports

Analyze and forecast turnover, utilization and availability visually or as a table.

Set up your reports

You can easily adjust all the settings of the reports for in-depth analysis and helpful insights.

Graphical Comparison

Get to know which objects, bases or additional services perform well or need more attention.

Everything in one place

See the complete damage history of an object and instruct your workshop.

Intuitive Positioning

Save the position of the damage and automatically recall them in the handover protocols.

Custom Categories

Use categories for more reliable insights.

Know where your objects are

Keep track of handovers and make the process as effortless as possible.

Log Usage Data

Calculate and bill additional fees for mileage or other custom consumption data.

Bill additional services

See what paid services were booked and log the payments.

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