Price Calculation

Simple Yet Powerful

Manage Your Price Catalogs

And have them calculated

Prices can either be set globally or you can define prices per year, season, base and object group. Different pricing types like daily and hourly prices can be defined simultaneously, for example hour and day prices or even weekend specials. The system is always calculating the cheapest price. Price catalogs support the definition of prices for different bases and time periods. Similarities are inherited from the globally defined prices to make them easily maintainable.

Automatic Discounts

Both for global and specific price catalogs, you can define discounts and their vailidity for years, seasons and object groups. Additionally, a discount can be restricted to certain weekdays, customer groups and conditions like early-bird, last-minute or bulk discounts.

Special Offers

While prices and price catalogs can be defined to the granularity of object groups, special prices can be used to assign special rates to a specific object and time. For that, a special offer is a transaction on an object and may also contain pre-set extras and discounts.

Seasonal Pricing

For seasonal rental, we support a free season management and flexible validity, even multiple times a year like Season A in March and September. Prices, discounts and rental conditions can be defined per season and year.

Sell Optional Extras

Besides the rental business, you will offer your customers additional services and products as extras. For that, we support all kinds of extras, starting with free, inclusive or pay-on-location service to classical additional services which are booked with the rental object - even online.

Bill Consumption Data

Extras can also be used to bill fees for data like driven kilometers, gas usage or power consumption. Meter readings are captured on hand-out and on return and the difference is automatically calculated and added to the transaction as an extra. Inclusive amounts can also be calculated from the pricing information.

Manage One-Ways

In case your rental objects are mobile and you want to offer rentals from one location to another one, you can handle that with our rental software, and enable that in your online booking process. Additional fees can be defined and charged for one-way bookings.