Work Together Efficiently

together we are stronger

Invite Your Colleagues

Get Work Done

Thanks to the multi client capability of rentingforce, you can provide an individual user and password to all your employees. Each employee can then be set as a contact person for customers and transactions and may filter bookings for their own. Contact persons for new transactions can be automatically determined, for example based on the location manager.

Limit Permissions

Surely you don’t want to trust all your employees the whole access to the software. rentingforce enables you to use a role-based authorization system, in which the rights for each role can be configured in great detail. In addition to that, the rights can be restricted to one or more bases, so that employees on location may only view and alter bookings that concern them.

Keep Track

Prevent Issues

Every action in rentingforce, like creating, updating or deleting, is logged. So it’s exactly replicable, which actions an employee performed in general or on a specific record. This often helps resolving issues and conflicts on bookings or reservations. Additionally, all changed fields are logged to prevent errors and data loss.