Online Booking for Clients and Agencies

Offer Your Customers.

More Comfort.

Save yourself and your customers on-the-phone negotiations or annoying e-mail traffic. When booking online, a customer knows immediately whether the desired object (e.g., a car or a yacht) is free and what his desired reservation costs are. Depending on the given permission, he can book directly or even inquire. You can then process the reservation with all the data directly afterwards..

No Agency.

No Commission Payment.

As customers buy direct from you, commission payments to an agency are eliminated. Thus, you can offer your customers lower prices and earn higher profits.

Customer Loyalty.

Over Long Periods.

Since you are in possession of the customer's data and the customer knows you directly and an agency is not the focal point, the probability of a regular clientele increased enormously with you. This gives you both a higher utilization and more planning..