Customer Relationship Management

Own Customer Base.

And Still Up-to-Date.

If a customer who has booked via the online portal before make changes to its data, you will be informed and can merge your old data with the new data easily.

Customer Communication.

In the System and by E-Mail.

Transaction-related communication in the system is just as possible as the sending of e-mails with relevant documents to the customer directly out of the system. The contents can be freely adapted to your communication guidelines.

Comprehensive Support.

Of Agencies.

You can easily map your agency relationships in the system as well. Standard as well as customized commission rates and special rights for the availability calendar are possible. You can also define specific payment terms for each individual agency.

Owner Management.

Customers can be assigned to objects as owners for limited or unlimited periods of time so that they receive an automatic owner discount on all bookings, which is defined in the price catalog.

Customer and Market Monitoring.

At a Glance.

With the extensive analysis tools, you always retain your customers and sales agencies in view, so we help you to assess your potential risks at any time.