Support Your Front Desk Employees

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Keep Track of Where Your Objects Are

Hand-out and return are managed by rentingforce and are an integrated process. Different obejcts of a booking can be handed out or returned seperately and the consumption data logs can be recorded directly. Depending on the configuration, actions like the generation of handover protocols is also possible.

All Your Locations


rentingforce supports the management of multiple locations respectively bases, and allows you to store master data like address and position information. Every rental object is assigned to one base for accounting reasons, but can be moved freely between them if desired. One-way bookings are also supported, even with additional fees. Location managers can be given special logins, so that their capabilities in rentingforce are limited to their field of action.

Log Consumption Data

Depending on the industry, each object has a set of consumption data. For vehicles, this is usually the amount of driven kilometers, the fuel consumption or the operating hours. Those can be recorded on handover and billed with an extra position. Depending on the price, you can also grant inclusive amounts. With rentingforce, all consumption data types and billing details are preconfigured for you, but can be customized to your individual demands.