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Your Company

Your Dashboard

After login, you can catch a quick overview over what’s happened in rentingforce. You can see the latest transactions and customers, outstanding items or you can use the quick navigation. Those dashboards are already preconfigured for an efficient working environment, and you can further adjust them to individualize your dashboard.

Import Your Data

It is easily possible to import your existing customer data but also your current rental fleet from a Microsoft Excel file. You just have to select which columns in your file matches the new rentingforce column. Additionally you can import customized fields by simply adding them in rentingforce.

Export to XLS, CSV, JSON

You can export nearby all data in rentingforce like the customer list or the bookings of this year. It’s possible to select all the fields which you want to export and choose an export format from XLS, CSV, JSON or XML. The last used configuration is saved automatically. This simplifies periodic reports and you always have control over your data.

One Search to Find Them All

Customers, rental objects and transactions can all be found using the same search bar, which allows error tolerant look up of names, numbers and other information. You can also use it to find help articles or jump to program features.