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The HTML5 booking plan gives you an overview over all requests, reservations and bookings for your rental objects. New bookings can be quickly created using drag&drop and informations for existing bookings can be found easily. Handy filters allow you to locate bookings by their object, name or licence plate.


rentingforce supports a lot of different processes and offers customizable types and states of transactions. Typically, there are requests (leads), reservations and bookings. Besides that, Blockings, for maintenance or repair, are also offered by default. Individual Types with specific properties like “show in scheduler” or “block the rental object” can be created.

Transparent Activity Stream

A transaction may be handled by different employees. So the request could be accepted by one employee, while another one adds some extras requested by the customer. The activity prototocol saves in detail, which changes were performed by which employee, making the transaction management transparent and comprehensible.

Avoid Booking Conflicts

Requests do not always match up and may cause conflicts within the given resources. To avoid that, our software shows overlapping transactions and you can easily solve the conflict. Of course, rentingforce is protecting you against real booking conflicts.

Object Groups & Categories

You can organize your rental objects in object groups and offer them to your customer independent from the concrete object. All properties can be set per object group and don’t need to be set per object. In case you manage objects of different categories, you can group them as well to allow easy filtering.

Generate Numbers Automatically

We allow the use of individual patterns for the generation of numbers, e.g. transaction numbers, bill numbers and customer numbers. With that, bills could have different number ranges for separate bases or the counter could be reset for months or years.

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In this video we'll show you how to create your first booking and generate an invoice.

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