Keep track of your outstanding items

with a seamless integration of payment methods and deposits

Manage Your Outstanding Items

rentinforce gives you a quick and easy overview over your outstanding items, both customer payments and, if existing, due deposit refunds. Even subsequent changes of the price or the booked extras are no problem for the system.

Different Customers

Different Payment Conditions

Each of your customer is special and for this reason there are individual payment conditions. Independent of the due date or splitting payments into first and final payment, rentingforce offers a perfect coverage of your payment terms. Due dates might be flexible entered and are automatically calculcated depending of the booking data like booking date, start date or end date.

Easy Deposit Management

As a rental company, you have to assure that the customer returns the object properly. In the most cases, a caution money is deposited by the customer. Those deposits can be easily set per object group or object, and even be reduced by special excess reduction fees in the form of extras. Deposit payments and refunds are seamlessly integrated in the outstanding items management.

For Global Players

In rentingforce the establishments are tax units which are relevant for the billing and the contract management. The establishment is the actual contractor of the customer. Tax rates and their validity but also the default payment term are derived from establishments. Each rental object is assigned to a base, which is again assigned to a establishment. Therefore each transaction has one establishment.

Taxes Aren't Easy

But We Give Our Best

Independent from if you have one or more establishments, you can define the applied taxation rules globally and per establishment. With that, you can define country-specific tax rates as well as different pricing models including and excluding taxes. For additional extras, individual taxes can be defined, which are then applied to the according bases.