Online and cross-platform

Operation in the Browser.

Independently of the Computer.

Our system can be used with every computer and device, as long as it has a modern browser. Thus, productivity losses can be minimized by equipment defects.

Widely Available.

Office and Mobile.

By placing the system in the Internet, it is not only disconnected from the local hardware but also from a particular location. You can at any time access, for example, from your home or mobile device to the system.

What You Can Do.

For Backup.

Of course, we offer you the possibility to download all the data in a universal data format securely. So if you are in an emergency, you are independent of our system.

Work Efficiently.

In your Team.

Through the software, all your employees have access to the same, constantly updated database. As for the logbook function you can also understand later exactly who, when, and what changes were made.