Privacy about everything

Internal Policy.

For your data.

Your business data is well-protected in the system; accessing it can only be done by you or your employees. We keep the rights for agencies and clients to view your booking schedule or to make reservations very restrictive in the default settings for your protection. You can customize these policies for some or all clients.

External Protection.

How Do We Protect Ourselves.

All access to the system is via an encrypted SSL connection. Thus, packet captured data cannot be used. Our system is also located on a redundant and therefore highly available hosting solution. The data is also backed up at frequent intervals.

Data Storage.

In the Cloud.

It may occur to you maybe a little weird to use your business data in a SaaS solution. But always keep in mind that a professional data center offers you many benefits and features that are impossible or very expensive and time-consuming to integrate with own hosting solutions as well.